Percaya Tiga Pria Bijaksana Bertemu Yesus di Betlehem?

Percaya Tiga Pria Bijaksana Bertemu Yesus di Betlehem?


Some of us factor in that the three sparkling men from the east maintain met up the new child Jesus in Bethlehem of Judah. Nonetheless, does this legend match what the Bible in point of fact says? Absolutely the messiah used to be born there, within the times of Herod the king, since right here is what the prophet wrote (Mic 5: 2). However what will we in point of fact know regarding the talk over with of the sparkling men? In disclose to fully ticket the legend, it’s mandatory to read the Gospels with consideration.

In response to the Gospels, Jesus used to be born in Bethlehem. Matthew writes that Herod inquired of the trials and the scribes the set aside the Christ used to be to be born. Then he despatched the sparkling men to Bethlehem. They departed; nonetheless the gigantic title, which they’d seen within the east for the first time, came all over again and stood over the set aside the young baby used to be (Matt 2: 9). So, Matthew doesn’t sigh that they met up the toddler in Bethlehem. In masses of phrases, the sparkling men adopted the gigantic title, not Herod’s instructions. On the masses of hand, per Luke, Joseph went into Judea, to town of David, or Bethlehem, to be registered with Mary, who used to be with a baby. The toddler used to be born there within the manger (Lk 2: 16). Luke explains that the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus had commanded a census, and the total world desires to be registered. Joseph used to be of the apartment and lineage of David.

In level of fact, the holy authors painting two visits that took draw in two masses of occasions and locations. First, Luke (2: 16) writes that the shepherds realized Mary and Joseph with the toddler lying within the manger. 2d, Matthew (2: 11) writes that, when the sparkling men had come into the apartment, they noticed the young baby with Mary his mom. Masks that in Bethlehem there used to be no room for Joseph and Mary within the inn. They’d a apartment easiest of their city, Nazareth in Galilee.

Now, let’s summarize the events. Hearken to the phrases in intrepid. The quotations are from the Fresh King James Version of the Bible.

1. Matthew’s fable: The sparkling men received into the apartment . Then, they noticed the young baby with Mary.

2. Luke’s fable: The shepherds realized Mary and Joseph with the toddler , lying within the manger .

It is a necessity to read these verses within the current Greek. The Fresh Testomony Greek makes train of two phrases for baby. For a new child, the note used is “bréfos”, while for a young baby, the note is “paidós” (Nestle-Aland). In Latin the Vulgate also makes the related distinction when it makes train of the phrases “infante” and “puer”, respectively.

After forty days from his birth, Jesus and his mom were purified. Following the Legislation of Moses, Jesus used to be presented within the Temple. Then, the family left Jerusalem and returned with the toddler to their dwelling at Nazareth. As the Gospel creator Luke says, it used to be easiest after the talk over with of the three sparkling men that the fogeys with the young baby had left to Egypt. Might well the family get away to Egypt ahead of the ceremony in Jerusalem? No.

Then, an attentive reading unearths the three sparkling men from the east maintain by no intention been in Bethlehem of Judah. They adopted the gigantic title and realized the young baby in his apartment in Nazareth. These sparkling men, or kings, signify the kings of all countries that will maybe maybe fall down and bask in King Jesus.

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